Public speaking and commentary

I believe in intellectual leadership as well as innovation and management excellence.  Contact me for speaking engagements or media commentary on social impact, social justice, and public policy on income inequality and poverty.  Look left for media commentary and opinion pieces, and check out my faculty web page.  

Coaching, strategy and advising

I have 20+ years of expertise in coaching, strategy development and top-tier facilitation.  In addition, sometimes a senior team needs an informed, outside perspective on questions of policy, trends or organizational practices.  I can help you and your team think through challenges and opportunities, plan change strategies, and implement innovations more effectively.

Order "Managing for Social Impact"

My colleague, Mary Cronin, and I have edited, "Managing for Social Impact: Innovations in Responsible Enterprise."  The book presents innovative strategies for sustainable, socially responsible enterprise management from leading thinkers in the fields of corporate citizenship, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, community-based economic development and urban design.  In addition, we offer a new strategic framework for enhancing the Return on Social Innovation (ROSI).  Order it today.